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Sonya - Photographer


Hi, I am Sonya, nice to meet you!
I am a photographer and videographer with a warm, colourful and attentive style. I have many years of working with people from different backgrounds and ages. I love opportunities to work in beautiful environments, with other event planners, stylists, and makeup artists and to create timeless, warm and lifelong memories for couples.

I first began shooting fashion photography 14 years ago, and have worked in visual content production for over 8 years. With a love for style, cosmetics, nature, and social connections, I love capturing special moments to last a lifetime. I have experience in both portrait photography and fashion and cosmetics. I have an eye for visual composition and provide my clients with a mix of gentle guidance, direction, and spontaneity.

Expect from me an encouraging, supportive and mindful approach in helping empower you to share your love and your presence on camera. It will be an honour to be a part of your special day. 

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