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FAQ  Guide

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Q: Do I get Sneak Peeks?

A: Yes!

At Cardinal Vow we do our best to get 5-10 photos back to you within 20 days of your wedding day.   Please do keep in mind that sometimes during peak season this can vary slightly. 


Q: When do I get my photos/video back?

A: 8-10 weeks

Rushing through editing is something we NEVER want to do, so we have found that 8-10 weeks is the perfect time period needed. 

We strive for 8 weeks but turnaround time does alter a little bit based on a few parameters that will be mentioned in your contract and depending on peak season volume.

Q: Will someone be able to help me with my Timeline?


A: Yes! 
If you do not have a wedding planner already, Kacy can go over your timeline with you but will only have input into the timing required for your media needs.  The Crew Members will also be able to help with this as well.  
If you have a wedding planner, Kacy would be pleased to chat with them in this regard. 

Q: Do I have to feed my Crew?


A: Yes! 
If you have booked a crew member for 6 hours or more then yes you will need to provide them a meal.  
Having snacks and water available throughout the day for the entire crew is extremely helpful so that they are at their best and full of energy to guide you through your best day. 

Q: What happens if it's raining?


A: Plan B
It is extremely important to think about a Plan B in the event of a down pour.  Weather is one of those things we just can't control.  
Scout the area before hand for a location that might be undercover or a large treed area.

 Cameras are sensitive to water! 
Also, think about purchasing clear umbrellas! 

Q: How do I make changes to my package?


A: Contact Kacy
If you need to add extra hours, add a videographer or photographer, want to include speeches in your package, need continuous recording, want to purchase your raw video footage, etc... just connect with Kacy, she will be there to help with any changes, questions, concerns or add ons you are wanting!
e: hello@cardinalvow.com

Q: Can I add drone coverage?


A: Ultimately Yes, but... 

Drone coverage is not included in all our videography packages but when purchased it always comes with a disclaimer and is never a guarantee. Flying a drone is only permitted in certain place and the airspace is controlled by NAV Canada.  These disclaimers are outlined in your contract.

Q: Editing Requests & Photoshopping


A: Contact Kacy
Cardinal Vow's editing style is very whimsical and modern.  The editing  you will receive is as seen on our website, but we do not do photoshopping of any

image or video. 

We love you just the way you are!  
All possibilities for editing requests will need to be discussed with Kacy.

 e: hello@cardinalvow.com. 

Q: Shooting Requests & Feeling Comfortable


A: Contact Kacy
If you have specific shooting requests or shots you must discuss with Kacy before hand to ensure that it is something that can be completed inside your package and with your crew members.

If you are unsure about being in front of the camera, let's talk about booking an engagement session to help with that.
e: hello@cardinalvow.com

Q: What is my photographer or videographer can't make it? 


A: Kacy will do everything in her power to find a replacement. 
Emergencies or illnesses are unforeseen circumstances that no one has control over.  Cardinal Vow has the most amazing crew that really are an outstanding team. 
Kacy will reach out to every team member and beyond, if needed, to fill the spot.  Her reach is big!

Q: Assistant Crew Member, what does that mean? 


A: All crew member have wedding experience. 
Assistant is just the term used to describe a crew member with less wedding experience as our lead crew members. Kacy hand picks every assistant based on their skillset and personality. 

They are fully capable of shooting small parts of the wedding solo. 
For example: Getting ready, cocktail hour, etc. 

Q: Is travel included in the package price?


A: Not Always

Travel will vary depended on where the crew member is coming from and the price will always be discussed with you during the sale, as well as clearly indicated in your proposal. 


Engagement Photo Sessions

Q: When can I book my engagement shoot? | A: Anytime after your deposit is made.
Q: When & Where? | A: You & your photographer will work together to find a location, date  and time that works with everyone involved.  
Q: Will I be charged travel? | A: Yes, depending on the location chosen there could be travel fees required.  Connect with Kacy to discuss.

Q: How many outfits can I bring? | A:  We suggest only 1 outfit for the engagement shoot as any more will cut into the actual photography time.

Q: Can I bring props or pets? | A: Yes!  We highly suggest you bring special props or your pet along for the shoot.  If you bring your pet you may want someone there to watch them after or to take them home, as we will probably only need your pet for 15 minutes. 
Q: What if it is raining? | A: Let's reschedule it. 

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