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Roman - Photographer


Hi, my name is Roman.  I am originally from Slovakia and I moved to Canada in 2016.  
My passion for travel is along the same lines as it is for weddings and my photography journey started in the early 2000s as a second shooter on weddings.  From then until now, I have spent many hours behind the camera in nature and at weddings.  Capturing the candid moments, telling a story, and seeing the world in a new perspective drive me to want to tell your story. 

I love to travel!  The excitement I find when learning new cultures and exploring the outskirts of cities is where I find my creativity.  I spend all my spare moments, when I am not renovating my new home in Kelowna, escaping to the mountains.  I throw on my hiking boots and off I go, finding the most amazing animals and scenery along the way. 

My favorite place I ever travelled to was Hawaii and New Zealand, the nature was spectacular! 
My dream is to go to Iceland and capture the Northern Lights - it will be the most amazing experience, but for now, I am really looking forward to a trip to Costa Rica where I will enjoy the tropical weather and escape the Canadian snow.

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