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Hasina - Photographer

Hasina K_edited_edited.jpg

Hi, I'm Hasina. I was born and raised in Calgary, AB but moved to Kamloops, BC in the spring of 2022. My love for photography began in 2018 where I began a 365 day challenge where I would take 1 photo a day, everyday for a year and upload it online. From there, my photography unexpectedly took off and I began shooting weddings and engagements in 2019/2020. 


As a wedding photographer, I am by your side for pretty much the whole day so I always try my best to make sure you feel comfortable, relaxed and at ease. Trust me- by the end of the night we’ll probably end up becoming great friends! To have the opportunity to capture raw candid moments and emotions is an experience I always cherish and one that I am always grateful for. 


I’m an autumn baby (literally- I was born on the first day of autumn) and I LOVE all things fall and cozy. Horror movies are a guilty pleasure of mine and so is continuously re-decorating my home. When I'm not taking photos (or redecorating my home) I'm probably spending time with my puppy- Kovu!  

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